Monthly Archives: May 2012

On this episode of QUICK THREE: Network has three tricks from three, at three SD spots from different skaters; FARDELL, CARLIN and TROY

Kellen’s back with another How To for you. This time it’s half Cab crooked grinds—a trick that looks good on its own or in a line. Kellen’s got this one dialed. Learn a thing or two right here.

Sebo Walker filmed this in about 4 days. Just having fun with homies skateboarding around LA. We were filming for #theSAUCEtapes vol. 3 but Sebo had so much footy we figured we might as well throw a lil part together!
Sebo rides for Stacks skateboards, Lakai footwear, Skate Sauce wax, Diamond hardware, Gracias LA, Autobahn wheels, Altamont & Exit Real World skate shop.

Music: SoHo “Hot Music”

Filmed on location in Los Angeles, California
using a Sony VX2000 with MK1 fisheye.

Osiris is proud to introduce its newest rider to its Pro Team, Kellen James. Kellen is a key piece of the Osiris puzzle and has been holding it down in the streets of San Diego for quite some time now. Video part after video part, Kellen produces footage like he’s still 19. Watch for Kellen’s part in hte upcoming new Osiris video!

“First off, the big news—Kellen James is now on Osiris! Awesome, it’s a good look for both parties. Now, we had Kellen come by the park, and since this smooth dude has so many tricks in the bag, we had him film a series of How Tos for this “welcome to Osiris” week. So here is the first, the elusive fakie heel.

Not everyone can make them look good, but Kellen James definitely can.”